Laravel Cache and Configuration Clearing Commands

Here are the cache-related commands and configuration clearing commands available in Laravel:


Cache Commands:

1. Clear Application Cache:

   php artisan cache:clear

   This command clears the application cache, including the default cache driver.


2. Clear Config Cache:

   php artisan config:clear

   This command clears the configuration cache, allowing Laravel to re-read the configuration files from disk.


3. Clear Route Cache:

   php artisan route:clear

   This command clears the route cache, which rebuilds the cache file for improved route performance.


4. Clear View Cache:

   php artisan view:clear

   This command clears the compiled view files, forcing Laravel to recompile them the next time they are accessed.


Configuration Clearing Commands:

1. Clear Compiled Configuration File:

   php artisan config:clear

   This command clears the compiled configuration file (`config.php`), allowing Laravel to recompile it when needed.


2. Clear Environment Configuration Caches:

   php artisan config:cache

   This command clears the configuration caches, including the cached environment-specific configuration files. It will rebuild the configuration cache for improved performance.


Note: It’s important to use these commands with caution, especially in production environments. Clearing caches may temporarily impact performance as the caches need to be rebuilt. Make sure to test your application thoroughly after clearing any cache to ensure its proper functioning.


Remember to run these commands from your command-line interface (CLI) or terminal, and make sure to navigate to the root directory of your Laravel project before executing them.


# Cache Commands
php artisan cache:clear          # Clear Application Cache
php artisan config:clear         # Clear Config Cache
php artisan route:clear          # Clear Route Cache
php artisan view:clear           # Clear View Cache
# Configuration Clearing Commands
php artisan config:clear         # Clear Compiled Configuration File
php artisan config:cache         # Clear Environment Configuration Caches



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